System News, Inc. (SNI) has produced the weekly newsletter "System News" (circulation 25,000+) for over 18 years, and "System News for IT Professionals" for about 5 years. SNI has been prodicing an IT-Newsletter-As-A-Service - "IT news Watch" - for about 4 years.

SNI offers full custom version of "IT News Watch".

SNI now offers Native Content Editions of "IT News Watch" - that is an edition of IT News Watch plus sections for specfic major IT vendors such as IBM, Red Hat, Dell, Cisco ...

SNI's news portals serves about a million page views to about 400,000 visitors each year.

Audience Profile:

  • 98% 30+ years old
  • 46% work for firms with 10k or more employees
  • 71% work for firms with 500k or more employees
  • 79% in age range 34-54
  • 86% have some or significant input into making decisions
  • 11.1% are decision makers
  • 72.2% have College degree, 40.1% also have graduate degree
  • 88.1% Full time employees/ 8.9% self employed
  • 82.8% make more than $100k/year
  • 98.3% make more than $50k/year
  • 45.2% work in IT
  • 61.4% are Mid to Senior Level Staff
  • 28.4% are Managers or higher
  • 85.7% say that other people tend to ask them for advice about computers or the Internet
  • 96.2% say that other people ask them for advice on technology
  • 72.0% say that other people ask them for names and specs when buying technology products
  • 11.6% maintain a blog
  • 55.1% have designed or developed computer software
  • 52.9% have children
  • 57.9% Set technical requirements
  • 67.1% Evaluate technical performance/compatibility
  • 85% are involved with their firm's technology decision-making process

New "System News for Sun Users" subscribers can sign-up for an annual subscription for just $79/year. A free 2-week trial is avalable.

There is a free subscription to "System News for IT Professionals."

Subscriptions to "IT News Watch" are only available through the IT-Newsletter-As-A-Service.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (954) 973 9000

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934 N. University Drive, #305
Coral Springs, FL 33071 USA

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