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6 Sep 2017
The Road to Java 9: Twice-yearly Releases Are Coming
ITWorld, September 6th, 2017

"A move to GPL license and open-sourcing the JDK are also planned to make it easier for developers to adopt Java in their software...

Oracle will speed up the releases of standard Java, with a new release Java Development Kit (JDK) coming every six months and a long-term support version that gets updated every three years. As a result, the next version of Java will be released in March 2018, six months after this month's planned Java 9 release..."
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7 Sep 2017
Java's Late Flowering
RedMonk, September 7th, 2017

"At the risk of starting from the beginning, which is somewhat unfashionable these days in these days of Netflix box sets with complex chronologies, I am going to start at the beginning.

Java, the language, was introduced on May 23, 1995, just as the Internet took off. Netscape's initial public offering was just a couple of months later, on August 9th. The fates of Java and the Net have been entwined ever since..."
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