IT - Virtualization
10 Jul 2017
Containers vs. Legacy Infrastructure: What Containers Do Differently
Network World, July 10th 2017

"When people discuss containers, they tend to compare them to 'legacy' or 'traditional' solutions without defining what those words actually mean. Let's take a look at how containers compare to alternative technologies and what makes containers different.

In general, words such as 'legacy' and 'traditional' within the context of containers refer to infrastructure in which applications are executed directly on virtual machines or on bare-metal servers..."
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10 Jul 2017
How Linux containers have evolved, July 10th 2017

"In the past few years, containers have become a hot topic among not just developers, but also enterprises. This growing interest has caused an increased need for security improvements and hardening, and preparing for scaleability and interoperability. This has necessitated a lot of engineering, and here's the story of how much of that engineering has happened at an enterprise level at Red Hat..."
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