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10 Jul 2017
Fedora 26 Brings New Boltron Modularity Technology to Linux Servers
eWeek, July 10th 2017

"The Fedora Linux community is set to release its second major milestone release of 2017 on July 11, with the debut of Fedora 26. Fedora is a community Linux project that is backed by Red Hat and has often served in the past as a launching platform for new operating system capabilities that are later integrated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Fedora 26 has three distinct editions, including Workstation, Cloud and Server, each targeted for specific deployment use-cases..."
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11 Jul 2017
Streamline Linux system management with these five tips
SearchDataCenter, July 11th 2017

"Linux systems can be complicated, so efficient management makes all the difference. Learn how tools such as systemd and open source PowerShell can make an admin's life easier...

In the data center, Linux can be a double-edged sword: It offers flexibility but also runs the risk of being complex. Fortunately, an arsenal of tools at your disposal can make Linux system management a lot easier..."
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10 Jul 2017
Why Linux Mint Won
Datamation, July 10th 2017

"Despite my preference for other distros, Linux Mint remains a leading distro in terms of newbie popularity. And now with Ubuntu shifting most of its focus onto cloud computing, now is the time for Linux Mint to shine.

This article will examine what draws people to Linux Mint over other distro, how it differs from Ubuntu and how Ubuntu's shifting focus may affect Linux Mint..."
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