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12 Jul 2017
Cloud security is still a top concern
ITProPortal, July 12th 2017

"Recent cyber attacks have reminded organisations that the cloud is still not completely secure.

If you were to a compare a current survey of the 'top concerns for cloud adoption' with one conducted say five years ago, you would see that the number one issue back then was security, followed by data privacy or protection. Fast forward five years and, worryingly, these concerns have yet to go away..."
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13 Jul 2017
Top 5: Things to Know About Cloud Security
TechRepublic, July 13th 2017

"Before you can mount a defense, you need to know what you're defending against. And when your data is in the cloud, defense gets more complex. There's a whole meteorology of cloud risk patterns to analyze, so we're here to help you focus.

Here are five cloud security risks you need to know about:.."
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12 Jul 2017
Why serverless? Meet AWS Lambda
Javaworld, July 5th 2017

"A first-hand, step-by-step look at the ease and simplicity of Amazon's 'function as a service' platform...

Why would a developer use AWS Lambda? In a word, simplicity. AWS Lambda - and other event-driven, 'function-as-a-service' platforms such as Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk - simplify development by abstracting away everything in the stack below the code. Developers write functions that respond to certain events (a form submission, a webhook, a row added to a database, etc.), upload their code, and pay only when that code executes..."
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