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11 Jul 2017
Predictive Analytics: Intersection of Humans, Machines
InformationWeek, July 11th 2017

"Is big data moving your decision-making needle, or, has it only confirmed what you already knew? Predictive analytics and a human touch help make sense out of your data.

Businesses have had a good, long run of succeeding based on instincts and intuition. As data-driven decisions come into vogue, advocates are making convincing arguments that the data knows more than humans do. The argument has merit, to a point..."
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10 Jul 2017
Understanding data engineering and what it means for the future
jaxenter, July 10th 2017

"The idea of collecting and analyzing data to gather insights isn't really new. However, the specific roles involved in the collection and analysis of data have grown and evolved considerably over the last decade as the amount of data being created has increased at a staggering rate. In this article, Cher Zavala explains why data engineers are so important..."
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    10 Jul 2017
    Where's the value in big data?
    Information Age, July 10th 2017

    "Big data is the big buzzword on every business leaders minds, but how can they derive value from this phenomenon?

    When The Economist features big data on its cover you know that it has gone mainstream. And, indeed for some time now, the lure of big data has been a seductive one; successfully manage and exploit the explosion in data and commercial nirvana will be assured. Increased revenue will be yours, competition will disappear and customers will love you even more..."
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    11 Jul 2017
    With the Right Tools, CIOs Can Tap the Power of Big Data
    StateTech, July 11th 2017

    "As data volume continues to rise at an alarming rate, agencies should do more to transform overwhelming amounts of information from a burden into an asset...

    Digital information lies at the center of effective state and local government. Leaders rely on data to make sound decisions, and citizens depend on it to access services and navigate their daily lives..."
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