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24 Mar 2016
Oracle Unveils Suite of Breakthrough Services to Help Simplify Cloud Adoption by Global Corporations
First-of-a-kind services enable organizations to bring the Oracle Cloud Platform inside their own datacenter

Oracle launched a new family of offerings designed to enable organizations to easily move to the cloud and remove some of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption. These first-of-a-kind services provide CIOs with new choices in where they deploy their enterprise software and a natural path to easily move business critical applications from on-premises to the cloud.

While organizations are eager to move their enterprise workloads to the public cloud, many have been constrained by business, legislative and regulatory requirements that have prevented them from being able to adopt the technology. Today, Oracle is making it easier for organizations in every industry to make this transition and finally reap the performance, cost and innovation benefits of Oracle Public Cloud Services and run them wherever they want-in the Oracle Cloud or in their own datacenter...
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24 Mar 2016
Oracle Launches New SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Cloud Services to Help Organizations in their Journey to the Cloud
Powerful new cloud services help organizations leverage the latest in business transformation trends, including big data, social and mobile

Oracle announced that it has expanded its cloud portfolio, releasing new Oracle Cloud services over the past several months to help companies transition to the cloud. The new services enhance the breadth and depth of Oracle's extensive cloud portfolio across all layers of the stack - SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

With these new advancements, Oracle provides all of the cloud-based services that organizations need to capitalize on key transformative technologies such as big data analytics, social, mobile, and IoT, as well as continue to extend foundational use cases that enable organizations to move enterprise workloads to the cloud. Oracle continues to help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity. The new PaaS and IaaS services can be deployed wherever an organization chooses - in the Oracle Cloud or in their own data center via the Oracle Cloud at Customer offering.
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