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24 Mar 2016
Six Reasons IoT Storage Should Be Object-Based
SearchCloudStorage, March 24th, 2016

"Internet of Things data requires a storage system that can scale, as well as support analytics projects. Find out how object storage systems meet those needs.

Internet of Things devices generate incredible amounts of data that is primarily in the form of unstructured files. While these IoT files are small, they can quickly add up to petabytes. That makes an object storage system or private cloud, object storage in a public cloud, and a hybrid object storage cloud all ideal IoT storage platforms..."
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22 Mar 2016
The Future Of Disk Storage
Enterprise Storage Forum, March 22th, 2016

"Taller hard drives with multiple actuator arms supplied in multi-drive packages - these are just a few of Google's suggestions as it calls for a complete rethink of storage disk design.

In a white paper called 'Disks for Data Centers,' published last month, the company gives some hints as to how the hard disk drive might evolve in the coming years..."
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