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24 Mar 2016
Why Google Doesn't Outsource Data Center Operations
Data Center Knowledge, March 24th, 2016

"Human error is the root cause of most data center outages. It is the data center industry's maxim backed by data, collected and published by companies that study it.

At Google data centers, however, it simply doesn't apply. Why? Because Google data centers are operated by the one percent..."
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23 Mar 2016
Is Hyperconverged Worth The Hype?
Storage-Switzerland, March 23rd, 2016

"Hyperconvergence is capturing the attention of IT professionals. The apparent simplicity of the technology is certainly appealing to an IT staff that is often stretched too thin to properly manage the environment. As a result the IT staff is often responding to requests for more IT resources by haphazardly applying more hardware. Hyperconvergence promises to change all that. Each node incrementally increases the compute, networking and performance capabilities of the environment. For an over-worked IT team, the hyper-converged approach probably seems ideal but hyperconvergence is not without its issues. IT needs to evaluate both the good and the bad of hyperconvergence to see if the technology will meet the demands of the organization..."
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25 Mar 2016
What Enterprise Data Center Managers Can Learn From Web Giants
Data Center Knowledge, March 25th, 2016

"This month, we focus on the open source data center. From innovation at every physical layer of the data center coming out of Facebook's Open Compute Project to the revolution in the way developers treat IT infrastructure that's being driven by application containers, open source is changing the data center throughout the entire stack. This March, we zero in on some of those changes to get a better understanding of the pervasive open source data center..."
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