22 Mar 2016
10 Facts About Open Source You Need To Know (Slideshow)
The VAR Guy, March 22th, 2016

"It seems open source solutions are everywhere you look these days, and the promise of easily accessible and public code has become an attractive prospect to both individual developers and big companies like Microsoft (MSFT). You may consider yourself a GNU/Linux expert, but here are some facts you probably didn't know about the world of open source..."
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21 Mar 2016
What Does Open Source Software Mean To The U.S. Federal Government?
The VAR Guy, March 21st, 2016

"It may be five or ten years behind the curve, but the U.S. government has now declared its love for open source software -- or what it calls open source software, at least.

On March 10 the White House published a blog post that declared a new campaign designed to increase the use of open source by the federal government. It also drafted a policy document on source code, which is open for comment on GitHub..."
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