22 Mar 2016
Business Continuity RPO and RTO: Why Should I Care?
SmartDataCollective, March 22th, 2016

"Disaster recovery is pretty important, right? You need to be able to work at some point if your network goes down because of a major disaster, whether it's a natural disaster or a result of some sort of network invasion or massive failure. While there are a lot of acronyms in the technology management industry, when it comes to disaster recovery and continuity, the most important two are RPO and RTO. RPO is the Recovery Point Objective, or the point in time in the past that you will recover to. Recovery Time Objective refers to the point in the future when you'll be up and running once again. ..."
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25 Mar 2016
Disaster Recovery: 3 Lessons From The HBO Playbook
Virtual-Strategy Magazine, March 25th, 2016

"When HBO dropped the bombshell in October that they would be launching a standalone streaming service, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who said, 'about time.' Like so many other consumers, I jumped on the 'cord cutting' bandwagon because the cable companies weren't meeting my media consumption needs.

I also couldn't help but think of the parallels between the upheaval in cable industry and the sea change that's quietly occurring in the disaster recovery industry. It's a cautionary tale for legacy DR vendors and a directive for IT buyers to look for disaster recovery vendors capitalizing on new cloud technology. In short, they should be looking for the 'HBO or Netflix' of the disaster recovery industry..."
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