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21 Mar 2016
It's The Talent, Stupid
Business 2 Community, March 21st, 2016

"Six presidential campaigns later, I've still got Bill Clinton's iconic 1992 slogan running through my head: It's the economy, stupid. But it's not the economy that I'm thinking about - it's corporate relocation that's on my mind. What was so effective about Clinton's irresistible one-liner is the way it redirected American attention. He not-so-politely told us that, when it came to diagnosing national unrest, we were getting it wrong..."
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    24 Mar 2016
    Are Apprenticeships The Solution To London's Digital Skills Problem?
    ComputerWeekly, March 21st, 2016

    "With the technology skills shortage holding back London's burgeoning tech startup scene, can a commitment to apprenticeships help?

    London's tech sector faces a significant shortage of talent. From the fintech pioneers of Level39 in Canary Wharf to the digital media startups of BBC Labs in Shepherd's Bush, the story is the same..."
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      23 Mar 2016
      Didn't Get Your Dream Job? 8 Tips For Handling Rejection
      CIO, March 23rd, 2016

      "Even in the booming IT industry with unemployment at historic lows, landing a tech job isn't a given. Making it through several rounds of interviews and technical screenings can make you feel as though you're a shoe-in for the role, only to discover the company's decided you're not the right fit..."
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        25 Mar 2016
        The Best Tech Training: Pros & Cons
        Network Computing, March 25th, 2016

        "You've seen all the headlines: Technology professionals are in huge demand, and salaries outpace almost every other field. But employers are more demanding than ever, requiring long lists of skills to even make it through the resume filter. Many IT pros are looking to additional training to help boost their chances.

        JPMorgan Chase recently studied the hype around the boom in tech hiring and the gap between open positions and skills development. The resulting report, Tech Jobs for All? Exploring the Promise and Pitfalls of Technology Training in the United States, explored the growing number of available training programs and the unique obstacles they face in developing the workforce we need..."
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          21 Mar 2016
          The Future Looks Bright For IT Workers
          CIO, March 21st, 2016

          "Business are starting to invest more in IT, and that means they're also investing in IT workers. A study from Brilliant found that Q4 hiring for IT has remained steady, as businesses search for qualified tech workers. The IT skills gap and talent shortage remains an ongoing business challenge as technology becomes the cornerstone of nearly every industry. That shift means there is a bigger demand for tech pros with specific skill sets; and companies are hiring qualified individuals faster than schools can graduate candidates with the right skills..."
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            21 Mar 2016
            What To Do And Say When Asked To, 'Describe Yourself'
            Business 2 Community, March 21st, 2016

            "'Tell me a little about yourself,' is often the one of the first question you hear during a job interview.

            The hiring person may be stalling because they have not had the proper time to study your resume or they may realize that an open-ended question, such as this can be an effective way to identify candidates who can fit in with their culture and perform well. In either case, they are often deciding whether it is worth continuing the interview based on how you answer this seemingly innocent and casual ice-breaker.

            But, there is a lot at stake, and you can make the situation work to your advantage. Learn how to describe yourself quickly and compellingly so you can land more job offers, and advance when you are hired..."
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