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Archived IT - PM Articles
15 Sep 2017
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What is A Project Manager? The Lead Role for Project Success [66457]
CIO, September 15th, 2017

"Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. Here is a look at the project manager role, responsibilities, relevant certifications, expected salaries, and job-seeking tips...

What is a project manager?

Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project..."
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14 Sep 2017
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When to Kill (and When to Recover) a Failed Project [66458]
CIO, September 14th, 2017

"Admitting project failure is never easy, but sometimes the kill decision turns out to be the best decision. Here's how to know when to scrap and when to save a failing project...

The project is behind schedule. The pilot has failed to meet expectations. Several key team members have already said good-bye. An important vendor has just discontinued an essential component.

The decisive moment has arrived. Is it time to kill the project or press forward in a new direction?..."
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12 Sep 2017
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5 Key Considerations in Managing Remote Project Teams [66456]
TechRepublic, September 12th, 2017

"Working with geographically distributed teams is common, but managing these teams can create significant challenges that leaders need to address. Here are five key considerations...

The cloud is making it easier than ever before for businesses to adopt application delivery platforms that allow teams to work remotely. Working with geographically-dispersed teams can provide numerous benefits, such as access top talent that's unavailable locally, decreased general and administrative costs, a diverse culture, improved employee satisfaction, and higher retention levels. Ultimately, this also has the potential to translate back to increased customer satisfaction levels..."
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01 Sep 2017
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Project Management: 7 Steps To On-Time, On-Budget, Goal-Based Delivery [65989]
CIO, September 1st, 2017

"Project managers who follow these seven high-level project management tips will achieve on-time, on-budget, goal-focused delivery of high-profile projects, thereby increasing their project success rates and career prospects...

According to Project Management Institute's 2017 'Pulse of the Profession' global survey, organizations are wasting $97 million for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance. Yes, that's a 20 percent decline from the previous year's survey, but the truth is, projects still fail at a staggering rate..."
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29 Aug 2017
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8 Vital Project Management Skills [65988]
Business 2 Community, August 29th, 2017

"Being a project manager is a tough job. It's not enough to create project plans and delegate tasks. You also have to be a leader, a people manager and a clear communicator.

With so many skills to learn, which ones should you focus on developing first?

In this post, I'll walk you through 8 vital but sometimes overlooked project management skills. You'll learn the importance of these skills and get a brief lesson on how to develop them further..."
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25 Aug 2017
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4 Project Management Tactics That Stand The Test of Time [65821]
Business 2 Community, August 25th, 2017

"The very concept of project management in business has seen a renaissance in recent years. New technology is making it easier for companies to identify the most optimal methods of conducting their internal operations.

However, technology - no matter how advanced - can only do so much. Ultimately, success will always depend on the people at the front lines and the tactics they employ..."
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