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IT - CxO
6 Reasons Why You Should Buy - Not Build - Your Next CRM
Business 2 Community, April 18th 2017
Amtrak's CIO Is on a Technology Fast Track
CIO Insight, April 21st 2017
CISOs Admit They Are Unable to Keep Pace with Data Breaches
Dark Reading, April 20th 2017
CISOs, Board Members Have Widely Divergent Views on Cybersecurity
Dark Reading, April 18th 2017
Continuous Delivery: 7 Hard-Earned Lessons For Getting It Right
InformationWeek, April 19th 2017
For True Cybersecurity, Executives Must Become Hands-On
TechZone360, April 21st 2017
How This CTO Encourages Sustainable Innovation
The Enterprisers Project, April 19th 2017
The Danger Of Complacency Over GDPR Compliance
ITProPortal, April 20th 2017
Why CIOs Should Care About Robots Stealing Jobs
CIO, April 19th 2017
vBeers @ Miami (Coral Gables)
Wednesday, April 26th, 2017: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
IT - Storage
Why Data Storage Issues Keep CIOs Up at Night
CIO Insight, April 20th 2017
IT - Technology
31 Tech Pros Share Favorite IT Products
Network World, April 17th 2017
A Chinese Warehouse Reportedly Cut Its Labor Costs In Half With A Fleet Of Tiny Robots
Quartz Media, April 17th 2017
Accept For A Second That Robot Surgeons Exist. Who Will Check They're Up To The Job - And How?
The Register, April 20th 2017
What Does the D-Shaped Icon Next to My USB-C Port Mean?
How-To Geek, April 18th 2017
IT - Bitcoin
Way More Than Bitcoin: Inside The Blockchain Revolution (Videos)
MIT Technology Review, April 19th 2017
What's Keeping Cryptocurrencies From Mass Adoption?
TechCrunch, April 21st 2017
Will Blockchain Liability Be Similar To Bitcoin Liability?
HelpNet Security, April 19th 2017
South Florida Technology Alliance's 5th Annual Golf Tournament
In aid of the SFTA's Charity portfolio fund and will be supporting several South Florida organizations
Private Room Social Including Talk by Jeff Sass
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Best Practices For Securing Open Source Code
Dark Reading, April 21st 2017
Hyperion (IDC) Paints a Bullish Picture of HPC Future
HPC Wire, April 20th 2017
IT - Big Data
Artificial Intelligence: Fulfilling The Failed Promise Of Big Data
Information Management, April 21st 2017
How To Determine The Quality Of Data
Information Management, April 18th 2017
Infrastructure, Scaling And Staffing Top Barriers To Analytics Success
Information Management, April 17th 2017
Open Source Tools For Enterprise Data Science
insideBIGDATA, April 20th 2017
Steve Ballmer Serves Up A Fascinating Data Trove
New York Times, April 17th 2017
Using Big Data To Improve Customer Relations
Information Management, April 20th 2017
Why Big Data Means Better Health
insideBIGDATA, April 21st 2017
Why Securing Big Data Is A Big Deal
insideBIGDATA, April 19th 2017
IT - Cloud
Five Pitfalls To Avoid When Migrating To The Cloud
ComputerWorld, April 18th 2017
Organizations Take Data Warehousing To The Cloud
Information Management, April 19th 2017
IT - DevOps
Cryptographic Security Risks Are Amplified In DevOps Settings
Help Net Security, April 19th 2017
DevOps Playbook: A Practical Guide For Implementing DevOps
jaxenter, April 21st 2017
DevOps: The Innovation Power Couple, April 21st 2017
IT - Top 10
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 230 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 229 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 228 Issue 4
Data Trashed? When RPO 0 isn't Enough
The Register, April 19th 2017
What's In The Fine Print Of Your Disaster Recovery Vendor Agreement?
CSO Online, April 21st 2017
5 Free Project Management Tools For Business Users
Business 2 Community, April 20th 2017
IT - Networks
Five Things I Learned Building A New Wi-Fi Network
ZDnet, April 18th 2017
How The New York Times Handled Unprecedented Election-Night Traffic Spike
Data Center Knowledge, April 18th 2017
Infrared Much Better Than Wi-Fi
Network World, April 17th 2017
Public WiFi Security: A 10-Step Guide
Network Computing, April 18th 2017
Software-Based Networking Brings New Automation Perks, Challenges
SearchDataCenter, April 22nd 2017
IT - IoT
3 Ways IoT Will Positively Change Your Manufacturing Business
Business 2 Community, April 20th 2017
A Call For IoT Standards
Data Center Knowledge, April 20th 2017
How Internet Of Things Will Shape Intelligent Enterprises
eWeek, April 18th 2017
Underwriters Laboratories Creates Living Lab For Real-World IoT Testing
Network World, April 18th 2017
Ada Is An AI-Powered Doctor App And Telemedicine Service
TechCrunch, April 19th 2017
Automated Agriculture: Can Robots, Drones, And AI Save Us From Starvation?
Digital Trends, April 17th 2017
Machine Learning Algorithms Surpass Doctors At Predicting Heart Attacks
Digital Trends, April 17th 2017
Machine Learning Audits In The 'Big Data Age'
CIO Insight, April 19th 2017
Supercharge Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence
CIO, April 21st 2017
IT - Operations
6 Steps For Setting Up A Server Room For Your Small Business
CIO, April 18th 2017
IT - Security
9 Superheroes For Crack Security Teams
InfoWorld, April 18th 2017
Humans Are (Still) The Weakest Cybersecurity Link
CIO, April 19th 2017
Privacy Vs. Confidentiality Vs. Anonymity: What You Need To Know
Business 2 Community, April 20th 2017
Secure Systems And The Three Little Pigs
CSO Online, April 18th 2017
Security And The Human Factor: Creating A Positive User Experience
HelpNet Security, April 20th 2017
IT - Careers
10 Interview Questions For Hiring Cloud-Literate Security Staff
CSO Online, April 21st 2017
15 Top Paying IT Certifications In 2017
Business 2 Community, April 21st 2017
Cloud Engineering Jobs Demand Mix Of Technical, Business Skills
SearchCloudComputing, April 19th 2017
Crafting The Optimal It Resume: 6 Tips
NetworkComputing, April 17th 2017
Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Threatens The Mid-Market
Network World, April 21st 2017
Four Steps For Rebounding From Job-Search Rejection
Fast Company, April 18th 2017
How I Hired My Newest Employee Before She Even Started Her Job Search
Fast Company, April 18th 2017
The 20 Highest-Paying Markets For Cyber Security Engineers
CSO Online, April 19th 2017
IT - Virtualization
How To Containerize Your Legacy Apps Without Sweating
CIO, April 21st 2017
Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.20
By Simon Coter
IT - Email
How CIOs Can Fight The Rise In Shadow Email
CIO, April 21st 2017
IT - Database
NoSQL Grudge Match: MongoDB Vs. Couchbase Server
RedMonk, April 20th 2017
IT - Mobile
4G vs LTE: What's the difference?
TechAdvisor, April 20th 2017
IT - Encryption
Business Leaders See Encryption As Security Layer For Data In The Cloud
IT Business Edge, April 18th 2017
Businesses Increasing Encryption Efforts
ITProPortal, April 18th 2017
IT - Tape
LTO Program Breaks Year-Over-Year Records for Tape Shipment
HPC Wire, April 18th 2017
IT - Developer
Should You Use Python Or R For Your Programming Language?
insideBIGDATA, April 19th 2017
Oracle News
Oracle Brings Oracle's Flagship Databases and Developer Tools to the Docker Store
Oracle, April 19th 2017
Al Nahdi Drives Growth and Insight with Oracle Retail Cloud Services
Oracle, April 19th 2017
Oracle Buys Moat
Oracle, April 18th 2017
Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Update Helps Businesses Scale Logistics to Meet Multi-Channel Demand
Oracle, April 18th 2017
How One B2B Company Makes Complex Customer Self-Service As Easy As ABC
By Rick O'Herron
Innovation Made Easy: The Cloud's Long-Term Value Proposition
By Chuck Hollis
Oracle's Hurd: Answer The Questions That Really Matter To Your Business
By Chris Murphy
Nexenta News
ZeroStack And Nexenta Offer Converged Cloud/Storage Solution
Nexenta, April 11th 2017
AMAX Launches StorMax Software Defined Storage Appliance NexentaStor
Nexenta, April 18th 2017
Cisco News
Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio to Drive Business Transformation
Cisco, April 19th 2017
Dell News
Dell End-User Security Survey Highlights Unsafe Data Security Practices in the Workplace
Dell, April 20th 2017
Microsoft News
Microsoft to acquire Intentional Software to expand future productivity capabilities
Microsoft, April 18th 2017
IBM News
IBM Study: Four Ways to Achieve Maximum ROI in Enterprise Mobility
IBM, April 22nd 2017
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala and IBM India Develop Real-Time Water Quality Measurement System on IBM Watson IoT Platform
IBM, April 21st 2017
IBM Study Uncovers New and Innovative Ways for Electronics Companies to Improve Warranty Operations and Reduce Costs
IBM, April 20th 2017
IBM Machine Vision Technology Advances Early Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease Using Deep Learning
IBM, April 20th 2017
Royal Canadian Institute for Science recognizes IBM's commitment to STEM
IBM, April 20th 2017
HARMAN and IBM Watson Internet of Things Introduce Cognitive Rooms that Bring Connected Experiences to the Consumer
IBM, April 19th 2017
IBM Security App Exchange Now Features Over 90 Custom Applications
IBM, April 19th 2017
The Weather Company and LiveRamp Announce Innovative Collaboration to Enable Marketers to Integrate Weather's Data to Drive Decision-Making Across All Channels
IBM, April 19th 2017
IBM to Deliver Docker Enterprise Edition for Linux on IBM Systems
IBM, April 19th 2017
Telstra and IBM Aspera Team up to Enable Media File Transfer Capability and Global Media File Collaboration
IBM, April 19th 2017
Credit Mutuel and IBM Watson Put Technology at the Service of People
IBM, April 20th 2017
New Outage Prediction Model From The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Helps Utilities Prepare For and Respond to Severe Weather
IBM, April 20th 2017
U.S. Chamber Foundation and IBM Issue New Report on Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Public Sentiment, Brand Reputation
IBM, April 20th 2017
Five9 Taps IBM Watson for Customers in Vietnam
IBM, April 20th 2017
VMware News
VMware Added To National NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Agreement
VMware, April 20th 2017
Red Hat News
Friday Five - April 21, 2017
Red Hat, April 21st 2017
Red Hat Offers Launchpad for IT Transformation with Latest Version of Red Hat Virtualization
Red Hat, April 19th 2017
Red Hat Names Eric Shander as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Red Hat, April 18th 2017
Level3 News
Over-the-Top Video will Overtake TV within Five Years
Level(3), April 20th 2017
Level 3 continues to Expand its Network in Latin America
Level(3), April 19th 2017
Lack of Employee Awareness and Education are Greatest Threats to Healthcare Security
Level(3), April 18th 2017
EMC News
Dell EMC Releases Open Source Storage Updates Designed for Security and Easier Consumption
Dell EMC, April 18th 2017
HP News
HPE and 5G Lab Germany Collaborate to Deliver Next-Generation Edge Applications
HPE, April 20th 2017
HPE Completes Acquisition of Nimble Storage
HPE, April 17th 2017
Comcast News
Comcast Joins LoRa Alliance as Sponsor Member; Hosts Next All-Members Meeting and Showcases Citywide LoRaWAN Network Deployment
Comcast, April 20th 2017
Windstream News
Windstream introduces business continuity solution with 'five-nines' availability for cloud-reliant companies
Windstream, April 20th 2017
Netapp News
NetApp Showcases Cloud-Connected, Next-Generation Media and Entertainment Solutions at NAB 2017
NetApp, April 19th 2017
DARZ Drives DevOps Success with NetApp
NetApp, April 18th 2017
Aerohive Networks News
Kansas City School District Embraces IoT and Paves Way for 1:1 Learning with Aerohive Solution
Aerohive Networks, April 20th 2017
Druva News
Intergraph Chooses Druva to Expand Cloud-Based Data Protection to European Offices
Druva, April 19th 2017
Centrify News
Role-based Access Control: Keeping Your Business Out of Harm's Way
Centrify, April 19th 2017
Citrix News
Citrix Solutions Transform the Workplace for Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
Citrix, April 20th 2017
ExaGrid News
ExaGrid Version 5.0 Adds Advanced Support for Oracle RMAN Channels, Veeam SOBR, and Replication to AWS
Exagrid, April 19th 2017
Mellanox News
Mellanox 25Gb/s Ethernet Adapters Chosen By Major ODMs to Enable Next Generation Hyperscale Data Centers
Mellanox, April 18th 2017
SanDisk News
There's More Than One Way to Manage Data at Scale
SanDisk, April 18th 2017
Veeam News
Enterprise Customers and Cloud Service Providers Fuel First Quarter Results for Veeam
Veeam, April 18th 2017
Zerto News
Zerto Chosen by HBL ICT NHS to Protect Data of 1.5 Million Patients
Zerto, April 18th 2017
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